Fernor Walnut Sapling

Fernor walnut sapling is a preferred species for cold climates. It is known as the cold climate walnut. It is a commercially grown walnut variety, especially in France. It is a valuable commercial product due to its quality walnuts and high yield.

Fernor Walnut Sapling Characteristic

Fernor walnut sapling is a walnut variety that is resistant to cold and has a solid body structure. Fernor walnut (Juglans regia 'Fernor') is a variety known for its medium-sized and high-quality walnuts. It is a tree with a commonly rectangular shape and a medium-sized crown.

Fernor walnut tree is a late flowering variety. Late blooming reduces its negative effects from late spring frosts. Since it is resistant to cold, it can be planted at higher altitudes. It begins to be harvested in autumn.

Fernor walnut trees are not self-fertile, meaning they cannot self-pollinate. Therefore, it is necessary to have another compatible walnut tree nearby and provide cross pollination. Fernette, Ronde and Meylannaise can be preferred as pollinators. Generally, the preferred type of pollinator is Fernette walnut sapling.

Fernor walnuts produce large walnuts with a thin and smooth shell. Walnut has a sweet and delicious taste. Fernor walnuts are generally used for fresh consumption.

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Information about the Fernor Walnut Sapling

The important features of Fernor walnut sapling are given below.




It is a walnut variety that is resistant to cold climates because it blooms late.


Since it is resistant to cold, it can be planted at altitudes of 1400 meters and higher.

Chilling Requirements

Between 800 and 1000 hours


Fernette, Ronde, Meylannaise

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