Fernette Walnut Sapling

Fernette walnut sapling is a species with similar characteristics to Fernor walnut. It is often preferred by breeders as a pollinator for Fernor.

Fernette Walnut Sapling Characteristic

Fernette walnut sapling is a walnut variety suitable for continental climate. It is cold resistant. The tree structure is strong. Fruit yield is lower than Chandler and Fernor walnut types. It is not preferred much to be planted as the main variety. Walnut growers prefer it as a pollinator for Fernor walnut saplings.

It is not affected by late spring and early autumn frosts. It begins to be harvested in autumn. If it is to be preferred as the main variety, Meylannaise and Ronde de Montignac species can be preferred as pollinators.

The peel of the fruit is of medium hardness and is easily separated from the peel. It has a delicious taste.

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Fruit Yield Rate

Information about the Fernette Walnut Sapling

The important features of Fernette walnut sapling are given below.




It is a walnut species that is resistant to continental climate.


It can be planted up to an altitude of 0 - 1400 meters.

Chilling Requirements

Between 600 and 800 hours


Meylannaise, Ronde

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