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Sapling sales and export

In walnut sapling sales, we provide our customers with the best product and good technical support. web page was created by Bandırma Fidan Fide Inc. to provide our customers with the necessary information about walnut saplings and to easily contact our company

About Bandırma Fidan Fide Inc.

Our company is a walnut sapling producer in Turkey approved by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. We are a medium-sized sapling company that exports thousands of walnut saplings from Turkey to abroad every year.

Spain, Portugal, Greece, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Russia, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Iran are among the countries we export saplings to. We aim to reach more countries by increasing our production capacity every year

Our priority in production is to grow healthy and high quality walnut saplings. Planting unhealthy saplings causes irreversible financial losses in the future. As a company, our priority is to offer you certified and healthy saplings.

Our work as Bandırma Fidan Fide

Certified Walnut Sapling

All walnut saplings we produce are grafted and open rooted. Production processes were carried out using the right techniques. All saplings are certified and approved. All required documents at your request

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