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Walnut Saplings and
Grafted Production Technique

We apply the best techniques from production to sapling removal. Our priority is to grow healthy saplings. We offer the best service for you. For more information, visit the about us page.


Chandler walnut sapling enjoy a high reputation in the commercial walnut industry for their desirable properties.


Fernor walnut sapling is a preferred species for cold climates. It is known as the cold climate walnut.


Fernette walnut sapling is a species with similar characteristics to Fernor walnut.


Franquette walnut sapling is preferred by walnut growers as pollinators.

Sapling Grafting Rate: 99%

We grow our walnut saplings using the right grafting technique. Especially in our region thanks to weather and climatic conditions, the retention rate of grafting in our company is 99%. In our company, we don't trade non-grafted saplings, quality and effciency of the highest level of walnut varieties are grown.

Quality Walnut Sapling Production

First of all, the quality of the product in walnut sapling has great importance. Since the investments that are made in this sector are large-scale, wild and mixed varieties of the saplings that are planted can cause irreversible damages. As Bandırma Fidan Fide Inc., we are realizing our production by keeping quality production at the forefront in our own production facilities.

400.000 Sapling Production

Our company is developing every year with its growing volume of production and raises the level.

Numerous Types of Saplings

We grow more than 60 different types of walnut saplings in our fields.

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